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Did you know that less than .01% of all gemstones sold in the world are American mined? Since 2016, Stephenie Bjorkman, second generation jeweler and owner of Sami Fine Jewelry, has sought out these rare and beautiful gemstones across America. Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to be the founder of The Sami American Gem Collection. Our handcrafted jewelry and truly unique designs are an extension of these gemstones rarity and beauty. 


Sami Fine Jewelry has been in Fountain Hills, Arizona since 1986. We are known for distinctive designs, fantastic events and community involvement. Famous for our Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst, Arizona Peridot and Arizona Anthill Garnet, our love of local gems has expanded into a broader spectrum. Stephenie’s passion for American-mined gems led her to find sources for our California Tourmaline, Colorado Aquamarine and Montana Sapphire to name a few. All pieces in The Sami American Gem Collection are one of a kind, designed to showcase each gemstone unrepeated beauty. It is with pride that she hand selects each gem directly from the source and designs exclusive jewelry.

Our Promise

Sami’s American Gem Collection stands apart from your average jewelry designs. Stephenie creates timeless and original styles to capture the spirit of the American dream.  Every piece of jewelry that is a part of the Sami American Gem Collection is numbered, named and has a story. Wearing a piece of the Sami American Gem Collection symbolizes freedom, national pride and individual expression.

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