Arizona Amethyst aka Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst ™

Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst™ comes from the Four Peaks Mountain range in Arizona.  The Amethyst mine is the only commercially run Amethyst mine in the United States of America.  Known as being "world class" in color, the Arizona Amethyst™ is most known for its deep dark purple hues with a bright magenta flash.  For 20 years running, Sami Fine Jewelry's American Gem Collection® has offered to the public the  LARGEST selection of Four Peaks Amethyst™ loose gemstones and amethyst custom jewelry.  

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Arizona Amethyst

This is an amazing video of the inside of the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst mine. Owner, Kurt  Cavano (from Four Peaks Mining Co) shows Stephenie Bjorkman of Sami Fine Jewelry a new "Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst™ gem pocket" that was just discovered during Sami's Mine Tour Event. 

Tour the Amethyst Mine

Tour the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst Mine

Tour the Arizona Amethyst Mine

Mine Tour Information

Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to offer the tour of a lifetime! In Fact Phoenix Magazine named Sami's Mine Tour #6 on their top 100 "Bucket List" things to do in Arizona.  This is an exclusive trip that is only offered a few times a year. Reservations are required, and seats are very limited. If you go on this trip, you will get up close and personal with the Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst. Guests will travel to the mine by helicopter, and once there, will get to meet the owner of the mine, Kurt Cavano, along with the miners. The miners will take you inside the mine to show you how they extract our local beauty. If you don't mind getting a little dirty, then you are also invited to try mining on your own. This is an amazing trip that you won't want to miss!  Just be prepared that you will want to have Sami's make your o your Arizona amethyst you find into amethyst jewelry.

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