Arizona Anthill Garnet

Known as the January birthstone,  American garnet is Mined in the Four Corners area (Arizona, Colorado, New Mex Mexico, & Utah).  The Arizona Anthill Garnet is unlike any other Garnet in the world.  Not only is the color close to a "ruby red" tone, but it is actually mined by Ants.  Ants actually dig up the Garnet rough underground and push it on top of their anthills. Then the Garnet is picked up by indians on the Navajo indian reservation.  Sami Fine Jewelry's American Gem Collection is proud to offer one of largest selections of loose gemstones and finished Arizona Garnet jewelry in the world.  

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Anthill Garnet Jewelry Video

Sami Fine Jewelry's American Gem Collection is proud to showcase piece #04 "Noah's Ark" from their American Gem Collection.  One of a kind, and created in 14kt yellow gold, this ring is remarkable!  Adorned by one of the largest Anthill Garnets ever mined, this ring features a square radiant 2.90ct Arizona Garnet.  Additionally there are 1.09cts of Arizona Garnet that is accented with .32cts of brilliant white diamonds.