Arizona Peridot

Sami Fine Jewelry's American Gem Collection is excited to feature the Arizona Peridot.  Found in up to 50 feet of volcanic lava flows, this electric green gemstone is sure to make you fall in love.  Globe, Arizona Peridot is one of the largest suppliers of Peridot in the World.  Sami Fine Jewelry offers an amazing selection of finished Arizona Peridot jewelry and loose gemstones.

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Arizona Peridot

Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to present the Arizona Peridot as part of their American Gem Collection.  Mined in Globe, Arizona, the Peridot boast a bright lime green.

Jewelry Talk Video about Arizona Peridot

In this episode of Jewelry Talk, Tom talks about the August birthstone, Peridot.  The vivid green of the peridot, with just a slight hint of gold, is the ideal gemstone colour to go with that light summer wardrobe. No wonder – since the peridot is the gemstone of the summer month of August.