California Tourmaline

Sami Fine Jewelry thinks that California Tourmaline is AMAZING and we hope you do to!  Mined all over California, this gemstone boasts some of the most beautiful pink and green Tourmaline.  One of the earliest reports of Tourmaline that was found was in California in 1892.  Sami's American Gem Colletion is excited to offer one of a kind custom California Tourmaline jewelry and hand selected gemstone.

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Video of Visit to Tourmaline Mine

Sami Fine Jewelry LOVES gemstones that are mined in America!!!  Check out this video where, Stephenie Bjorkman (owner of Sami's) takes a trip to the Oceanview California Tourmaline Mine.  Video includes exclusive footage with famous prospector Brian Busse,  interview with Oceanview Mine owner, footage inside the mine, and more!!!  If you are a rock hound, then this video is a MUST WATCH!!